Where there’s a Will, there’s a way!

  • Do you have a heart condition or have you had heart surgery?
  • Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol or would you like to reduce your weight?
  • Do you want to improve your general health, fitness and lifestyle?

The Healthy Hearts Academy provides a specific plan tailored to all of these needs and many more.

What is the Healthy Hearts Academy?

The Healthy Hearts Academy is an online service designed for anyone looking to improve their heart health through regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The academy is full of online workouts, exercises and learning modules all aimed to help you lead a healthier life. It offers you the opportunity to work and progress at your own pace and can be used at home, in the gym or wherever you may be. It does not require any specialist equipment and will cost you less than a round of drinks each month.

The academy was designed to build an online community for people living with heart conditions, heart disease or for people who may be seeking a healthier lifestyle or for those of you who are not ‘gym bunnies’.  The academy helps you exercise and lead a healthier lifestyle in a way that suits you. You can exercise in your socks from the comfort of your own living room, or you can take the workouts to the gym with you.


Who is it for?

The academy is made up of two plans. The recovery plan and the prevention plan. The recovery plan is designed for people with heart conditions or following heart surgery to help aid them on their road to recovery or to maximise their heart health. The prevention plan is primarily aimed at anybody who is generally trying to improve their health and fitness. There is a big emphasis on preventing cardiovascular disease, so for anybody who may be at slightly more increased risk the plan is suitable for you. This can include anyone who is type 2 diabetic, overweight, smokes, leads an inactive lifestyle or has high cholesterol. The main aim of the prevention plan is to promote a healthy active lifestyle.

To find out more information, click on the link to the plans in the menu bar at the top of your page. Here you will find more information about both plans, as well as videos of me explaining the plans in more detail.


Who is Will?

A man on a mission to combat heart disease, promote healthier lifestyles and help people with heart conditions on their road to recovery and maximising their heart health.

Having completed a Master’s degree in clinical exercise physiology and been inspired by the cardiac rehabilitation team at Bedford hospital I decided to complete the BACPR cardiac exercise qualification to become a fully qualified cardiac exercise instructor.  I moved home to South Wales to set up my new business delivering exercise classes in my local community specifically aimed at people with heart conditions or people who may be slightly more at risk of heart disease. A few years on I am trying to tackle this on a wider scale by bringing my business online.

Quiz …

1- Do you have a heart condition, implantable heart device or had previous heart surgery?

 YES …

2- Would you like to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve your general fitness?  

 YES …

3- Do you have any risk factors that may put you at higher risk of heart disease such as:

-Being overweight?
-High cholesterol?
-Type 2 diabetes?
-High blood pressure?
-Inactive lifestyle?

 YES …

Recovery Plan

The recovery plan is suitable for anyone with a heart condition. It can range from someone who has recently had a heart event to anyone looking to maintain long term exercise after finishing cardiac rehabilitation right up to someone who may have had a heart event a few years ago and is now looking for some suitable exercise.

The plan is designed to help support you through your recovery, from the beginning where you may be returning from hospital right up until maintaining lifestyle changes and long-term exercise. It is important to note this is not a replacement for cardiac rehabilitation.

Prevention Plan

The prevention plan is suitable for anyone who may be at risk of heart disease. This can range from being overweight, having high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes or anyone who is not a gym bunny and would generally like to improve their cardiovascular fitness.

Prevention of heart disease is a vital aspect of the overall fight against heart disease, the idea of this plan is to help educate and help promote a healthier lifestyle by bringing all of the information out there about preventing heart disease into one place.