The Healthy Hearts Academy is an online service designed for anyone looking to improve their health through regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. The academy is full of online workouts, exercises and learning modules all aimed to help you lead a healthier life. It offers you the opportunity to work and progress at your own pace and can be used at home, in the gym or wherever you may be. It does not require any specialist equipment and will cost you less than a round of drinks each month!

It has been designed for anyone generally wanting to improve their health and fitness. This can be for anybody who isn’t your typical ‘gym bunny’, anybody recovering from a heart event or has a heart condition or anybody who may be looking to learn more about health and fitness and is looking to implement this into their daily lives.

The academy is made up of two centres: an exercise centre and a learning centre. The exercise centre is full of different workouts ranging from seated workouts all the way up to challenging advanced workouts. The learning centre is full of information on different topics all to do with healthy lifestyles and fitness, including lifestyle change, healthy eating, weight loss, heart disease and much more.

For more information and to claim your free one month trial visit – https://healthyheartsacademy.com/